Your Partners for Clean Water in Illinois, Michigan and Wisconsin

traveling water, cog, band, bar, perforated plate, rotating drum, screenings washers and washer compactors, chain and rake, communitors, grinders
Grease and Grit
vortex, aerated, chain and bucket, washers, classifiers, conveyors
chain and flight, solids contact, spiral scraper, suction header, high-rate blasted, density current weir and baffle systems, weir cleaning systems
Dissolved air flotation thickeners
Salsnes filter
Trickling Filters
Rotary distributors and media
lagoon, oxidation ditches, biological aerated filters, BNR, SBR, RBC, fine, medium and coarse bubble aeration, MBR, MBBR, IFAS, pure oxygen systems, jet aeration
vertical, submersible, floating and jet
Blowers and Compressors
PD, centrifugal, rotary lobe, turbo
Aerobic and Anaerobic Digestion
floating, fixed, and membrane covers, combination and stand alone boilers, heaters and heat exchangers, biogas handling safety equipment, draft tube mixers
Thickening and Dewatering
rotary drum, gravity, gravity belt, belt, fan, plate and frame and screw presses centrifuges
Sludge Drying
low temperature belt, direct and indirect drum, solar, Fluid Bed
pneumatic, shafted and shaftless screw, and belt conveyors
Class A Processes
TPAD, CAMBI, composting, ATAD, pasteurization, lime stabilization, Schwing Bioset
Nutrient Removal
ostara, NuReSys – Schwing
Odor Control
biofilters, wet and dry scrubbers, stripping towers, carbon
traveling bridge, disc, micro screens, single, dual, and multi-media gravity and pressurized, continuous backwash, and pusled bed
FRP, glass lined steel, SS, epoxy coated
FRP geodesic aluminum dome, flat panel, arched, floating insulated geotextile membrane, gas holder
Storm Water
Flow regulators, flushing gates, coarse and fine screens, sediment collectors, high rate clarification
telescoping, butterfly, eccentric plug, knife, ball, cone, check, flow control
slide, flap, sluice, resilient wedge
Raw water intake screening
Raw water intake screening
horizontal, walking beam, verticle
chain and flight, solids contact, spiral scraper, suction header, tube and inclined plate settlers, high rate blasted clarifiers
single, dual, and multi-media gravity and pressurized, cluster, package, softening, DAF, GAC
Chemical Feed Systems
Dry, liquid, and gaseous chemical and polymer feed systems, in-line chemical induction and mixing
Metering Pumps
Hyrdaulic and mechanical, peristaltic, solenoid tube and hose, progressive cavity
Bulk storage silos, FRP, polyethylene tanks
Past and detention type
Inventory Monitoring
Scales, indicators, and level controls, mixed oxident generation
Ozone, UV (horizontal, vertical, and in-line), chlorination/dechlorination systems and controllers including safety shut- off and leak detection systems
On-line analyzers, wastewater samplers, DO and ORP probes
Biosolids Storage and Conveyance
Sliding Frames, Push Floors, Live Bottoms, Piston Pumps, Screw Conveyors, Aquastore